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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already have a house number and street address. Why does my address have to change?
A: The County and your municipal officials have approved a new addressing system that is consistent countywide. Your new address is based on the distance from the beginning of your road to your structure.

Q: Why is the name of the street I live on changing?
A: In some cases, where duplicate or similar sounding road names exist, one of the road names must change to avoid potential for confusion in an emergency. Likewise, there cannot be a duplicate address (101 Main St) within the same postal district.

Q: Should I post my new address number?
A: Yes. In order to help emergency personnel reach you, it is critical to have your number posted. Speak with your municipal officials concerning color, size and specific placement of the markers.

Q: I get my mail at the post office (Post Office Box). However, I received a notice that I have a new address. What should I do?
A: You will continue to receive your mail at the post office. Your new street address will be utilized for emergency response, and if you choose, by delivery companies and visitors.

Q: How long will it take for mapping companies (such as Google Maps, Waze, etc) to recognize my new address?
A: The county has provided the updated digital mapping data to the commercial sector. It can take some time for each entity to update their systems. Unfortunately, we cannot speculate on the timeframes involved.

Q: I need a new address. How do I get one?
A: The county issues all new addresses to maintain consistency and accuracy for all structures (residential, commercial, industrial, etc). Please contact our office to begin the process. (570) 387-4930 or

Map Atlas (for download) - last updated September 2022

  • Coversheet - this is the coversheet with grid index. 1 page, size: 8.5"x11".
  • Atlas - this is the main map atlas. 96 pages, size: 8.5"x11".
  • Index - this is the road and landmark look-up index for back of atlas. 11 pages, size: 8.5"x11".
  • ZIP file of Map Atlas - this is a zip file of the above three files in one easy download.