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4/5/18. Update: Both the basemap and parcel overlays are operational.  Added 2016 Imagery.

We apologize for the extended outage during a complete server and software resinstall and configuration.  While we still have numerous items to complete, we hope to have achieved a level of stability.  Over the new few days we will continue to work on the ParcelMaps application to retore full functionality.  Intermittent outages may still be possible during this time.

What is working?

The search functions for "Search By Owner" and ''Search By PIN".
The Measure tool.
Identify tool.
The 2016 Imagery basemap. (as of 4/1/18)
The search function for "Search by Address". (as of 4/5/18)

What is not working?

The Geolocate tool (star on toolbar).

Thank you for your continued patience.


The information contained within the ParcelMap application is for reference purposes only.  The data layers do not take the place of a legal survey or other primary source documentation.  Parcel lines are not meant to be used for engineering or line dispute purposes.


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