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Maps By Mitch

Updated Basemaps

March 19, 2012

Welcome to "Maps By Mitch". A "blog" of sorts to highlight various maps and the techniques used to create them. I hope to have a new "map" posted on a monthly basis.

This month's map is a preview of the changes coming to the county basemaps.   The updated basemaps will completely overhaul the presentation of the layers used in the Parcel Map and Parcel Search tools.  The following will be updated:  a general-purpose and aerial photography basemap.  Our intent with the update is to provide an improved illustration of our world while limiting the unnecessary clutter; a difficult task to say the least.  In addition, it is our hope to provide an improved cartographic representation of the county spatial data that our users rely on within their daily work.

The rendition of the general-purpose basemap below has several new, stunning features that we hope will be appreciated. Such layer additions include: building footprint outlines, topographic contours, parking lots, park vegetation and a hillshade for an improved three-dimensional feel to the map.  Our goal is to provide sufficient context of the environment without the clutter of an aerial photo. 

As in the past, the general-purpose basemap is meant to stand on its own and will not display aerial photography.  The imagery can be obtained by switching to the aerial photography basemap.  The updated aerial photography basemap will incorporate roads and landmarks to assist in navigation.

We hope you enjoy the improvments we made to the basemaps.  They look much different from the basemaps that many have come to expect from our online offerings.  However, we feel that after using the new basemaps, you will like them as much as we do.  We hope to be releasing them in a few months.

We would like to acknowledge Nathan Harvey and Allison Miknich, our GIS volunteers from Bloomsburg University, who have assisted in the update effort.



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